Welcome to the Komoju API documentation.

Komoju is a Japanese payment gateway which supports all major payment methods in Japan(JPY). We offer a RESTful API and a Hosted Page for easy integrations. We also offer technical support in both English and Japanese to help you get started.

Creating an account


The purpose of the sandbox environment is to demonstrate all the functionality the production environment provides to aid in integration with the Komoju platform. You can create a sandbox account and begin testing by signing up. Once you've created an account you can access the sandbox environment using the following URL:


Users can apply for production access through their sandbox account. You will need to provide details about your company, where you plan to use Komoju, and which payment methods you would like to use. Once you have been approved we will provide you credentials for a production account with access to live payments.

For general account enquiries, you can reach us using the Komoju contact form.

Payment methods

Currently we support eight payment methods: Domestic Credit Card, WebMoney, NET CASH, nanaco, BitCash, Bank transfer, Konbini (Convenience Store), and PayEasy payments.

Domestic Credit Cards

Many Japanese customers run into problems and failed/blocked transactions when trying to purchase from online retailers outside of Japan.

With Komoju, we work closely with a Japanese bank to ensure Japanese credit card transactions go through and are processed correctly.

Convenience Store (Konbini)

Komoju handles delayed payment options, including Konbini, which is very popular in Japan for its security, anonymity and convenience.

Payments can be made at the following stores:

English Name Japanese Name API Value
Circle K サークルK circle-k
Daily Yamazaki デイリーヤマザキ daily-yamazaki
Family Mart ファミリーマート family-mart
Lawson ローソン lawson
Ministop ミニストップ ministop
7-Eleven セブンイレブン seven-eleven
Sunkus サンクス sunkus

Prepaid Cards

Komoju supports various prepaid cards and online wallets. Currently our system supports BitCash, NET CASH, nanaco and Webmoney. These prepaid cards can be purchased at many stores here in Japan. Prepaid cards are popular for sites relating to games, anime, manga, etc.

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer is an electronic funds transfer between two bank accounts. This payment option is popular with customers making large payments. Customers can either remit at an ATM or via online banking to complete the payment process.


PayEasy Japan has 7.5 million registered users and is completely seperate from PayEasy international. We work closely with the PayEasy team and they regularly feature our clients in targeted promotions to their user database.


Label Japanese Name Logo
Bank Transfer 銀行振込 Create your own image using the Japanese name as text
Convenience Store Payment (Konbini) コンビニ circle-kdaily-yamazakifamily-martlawsonministopseven-elevensunkus
Credit Card クレジットカード
PayEasy ペイジー pay-easy
WebMoney ウェブマネー web-money
BitCash ビットキャッシュ bit-cash
nanaco nanacoギフト