My Account

How long does it take to process my production application?

Typically you will get a response from our team within a week after applying.

Can I add users to my merchant account?

Currently this is not possible.

Transfers & Deposits

Can I receive money from Komoju using a foreign bank account?

Yes, but it will cost 2500 yen per transfer to a foreign bank account.

When can I receive my funds?

We pay out on a monthly basis. At the end of every month we wire the funds we collected from the previous month (minus our transaction fees) directly to your bank account.

Can I receive my funds earlier?

Unfortunately we cannot pay you outside of our regular monthly payout cycle.

Integrating Komoju

Can I use Komoju without any programming?

Some programming knowledge is required to integrate Komoju, although plugins can be used to simplify the integration process (see below).

What plugins does Komoju support?


Programming Languages

Can Komoju store credit card numbers?

Yes, using the JSON API you can store payment details using the customers endpoint.

Charges & Refunds

Is there a fee for processing a refund?

There is no additional fee incurred when processing a refund for credit card, as well as Bitcash, Netcash and Nanaco payment methods. KOMOJU will refund the entire amount the customer paid in this case.

For other payment methods, work is required by our support staff to issue refunds. There are also additional fees for wiring money back to users here in Japan. To cover these costs, we charge a 1500 yen refund processing fee for non-credit card payments.

Note that we do not return the original payment processing fee to the merchant when a refund is made (for any payment method, including credit card / Bitcash / Netcash / Nanaco).

How do you handle chargebacks?

Chargebacks are handled manually by our support team. When we receive a notification of a chargeback we will refund the payment. The amount will be deducted from your account and afterwards we will notify you of the chargeback.


What currencies does Komoju support?

At the moment we only support Japanese yen.

Do I need a Japanese company to register for Komoju?

No, but it will cost 2500 yen per transfer to a foreign bank account.


Are there any restrictions on how I can use Komoju?

Please see our Acceptable Use Policy.

Can't find an answer?

Can't find the answer you're looking for? For technical issues or inquiries about how to use the Komoju platform, please login to Komoju to ask a question. For questions about the application process or about payment terms and conditions, please use the Degica support contact form.