By using our payment processing services you agree that your service does not infringe on any of the following prohibitions:

Prohibited Products and Services

  • Counterfeit goods or any product or service that infringes upon the copyright, trademark or trade secrets of any third party
  • Money transmitters, collection agencies, or any other money services
  • Video game currencies or virtual world credits issued and accepted by anyone other than the seller
  • Unauthorized video game & software key resellers or marketplaces
  • Services involving gambling of any kind, including lotteries, internet gaming, and any other type of activity with a monetary prize
  • Forex trading
  • Live animals
  • Age restricted products or services
  • Any product or service relating to the sex industry
  • Regulated products (tobacco, e-cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, food, etc)

Prohibited Activities

  • Activities that violate any government law or regulation
  • Activities that violate any rules or regulations of our payment providers
  • Activities deemed damaging to the reputation of us or any of our partners
  • Infringing on any second or third party’s intellectual property rights such as patents, trademark rights or copyrights
  • Fraudulent or false labeling of a service or product
  • Sending or displaying any image, video, or text only suitable for adults. This includes content relating to child porn, child abuse, prostitution, or obscene content
  • Accepting donations on behalf of political and religious groups
  • Sending or writing harmful computer programs using this service
  • Using this service on behalf of a third-party not listed in the application form
  • Breaching any term in our acceptable use policy or merchant agreement